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The Herd


We provide sanctuary for a small herd of wild horses and burros that were captured from the wild by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and experienced neglect, injury, or abandonment as a result of their adoption or sale. Having rehabilitated these animals back to physical and mental health, we support them to live in as natural way as possible and in harmony with the land by engaging them in our land regeneration work.


Our equines roam freely through rotating meadows, using open shelters and trees for shelter and shade, except in extreme weather when we bring them into the barn. While we support organizations focused on re-wilding wild horses and burros, our focus is on demonstrating the win/win/win (for land, animals, and people), benefits of supporting those in our care, to live in reciprocity with the land, as they were born to do.


Wild Horse/Mustang

Storm was born in 2001 and rounded up by the BLM from the South Steens HMA in southeastern Oregon at 3 years old before being sold at auction, bred for profit, and then given away. On the day of her rescue a decade later, Storm was ungentled, underweight, and malnourished, and was being given to a kill buyer as her owner had been convicted of injuring his horses and was on his way to jail. Storm is loving and gentle, protective of her donkeys, deeply bonded to Shalimar, and has a special soft spot for Shiloh who she took under her wing from the moment he arrived.



Wild Horse/Mustang

Shalimar was rounded up from the South Steens HMA in 2023. Aged incorrectly by the BLM as a 17 year old, he was assigned Sale Authority (unadoptable) status and stripped of all his federal protections. Sold a year after his capture and abandoned by his buyer, we took him in as a senior horse before discovering that he was in fact a 2017 foal, making him only 6 1/2 years old. Shalimar is calm and steady but loves to run wild. He and Storm were born and raised on the same side of  the Steens mountain in southeastern Oregon, so in each other they have found a little piece of home. 


Wild Burro/Donkey

Saoirse (SEER-sha) was 12 years old when she was rounded up by helicopter from the Twin Peaks HMA in Nevada in 2020 and taken from her home and family. Adopted from a TIP trainer who failed to meet any of the BLM requirements, Saoirse was both ungentled and untrusting when she first arrived. Three years on she is our affectionate and loyal herd guardian. Saoirse loves scratches, dust baths, and ear rubs. She has a loud, sonorous bray that helps to keep the bears and mountain lions at a safe distance during the winter months. Saoirse means "Freedom" in Irish Gaelic.



Wild Burro/Donkey

Satya was still in utero when her mother was rounded up and captured from the Twin Peaks HMA in 2019, and was born in captivity in the BLM corrals. Rescued from the same TIP trainer as Saoirse, she arrived with several injuries from a halter and lead rope that had been left on her face for over two months. She was ungentled, traumatized, and shut down on her arrival, but slowly opened back up with chiropractic work, love, and patience. Satya is full of sass, sociable, curious, and will charm you with tricks to get treats. Her bray is sweet and harmonic. Satya means "Truth" in Sanskrit.

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Domestic Donkey

Shiloh (SHY-low) is our only non-wild (domesticated) resident. He was rescued from neglect, isolation, and confinement and arrived with several health issues, including a severe parasitic overload and cancerous tumors (sarcoids). Highly fearful and defensive on his arrival, Shiloh is now a happy, healthy, cancer free donkey due to good medical care, plenty of space to run around, and his bonded companions. He is shy and cautious but with a naughty, mischievous streak. He leans in for cuddles, and has a loud, energetic, and excitable bray. Shiloh means "Gift" in Hebrew.



Sponsor Our Sanctuary Residents

When you sponsor one or more of our resident equines, 100% of your contribution goes directly towards the care, medical, and/or general needs of that animal.

The equines(s) that you sponsor will give back to you in ways that enrich your life and lift your spirits through monthly updates, stories, and photos!

“Until one has loved an animal,

a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France 

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