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Your donations help us cover the costs of caring for our rescued equines, which includes supplemental hay, year-round supplements, herbal deworming, regular hoof care, annual dental work, and therapeutic treatments, including equine chiropractic work. Our costs come in between $3-$5K for each animal annually, not including occasional unexpected medical costs, so we are grateful for donations to help with these expenses.


We also welcome support for our land restoration work, including purchasing grass seed and native plants, building drainage swales to prevent pasture flooding, installing wildlife cameras for monitoring and supporting our increasing diversity of native wildlife on the land, and building additional animal shelters. We also hope to build an outdoor classroom and community space to offer year-round classes and workshops to the public.


Thank you for supporting us to make a difference!

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful

than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.

Mahatma Ghandi

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