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The Herd


We provide sanctuary for a small herd of wild horses and burros who were captured by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and have suffered abuse, neglect or injury as a result of their removal and adoption programs, including at the hands of negligent trainers and adopters. Having rescued and rehabilitated these animals, we are now supporting them to live in health and harmony with the land, by engaging them in our land restoration work.


We do not use closed stalls. Our animals roam freely on rotating meadows and use trees or open shelters that we have provided, for shade and protection from the wind and rain whenever they choose. While we always advocate for the full re-wilding of wild horses and burros wherever possible, we are grateful to care for these ones who, for one reason or another, are not suited for that purpose, and to support them to live as naturally as possible on the land.


Wild Horse/Mustang

Storm was born in 2001 and rounded up from the South Steens HMA in southeastern Oregon as a yearling. After being separated from her family, she was sold at auction, bred for profit by her adopter, and then handed off a man who abused and neglected her and later went to jail for injuring his horses. Rescued from imminent slaughter, she was ungentled, underweight, and malnourished on her arrival to her new home. Storm is now our gentle herd leader and has a special sweet spot for Shiloh, who she took under her wing from the moment he arrived.



Wild Burro/Donkey

Saoirse (SEER-sha) was 12 years old when she was rounded up by helicopter from the Twin Peaks HMA in Nevada in 2020 and taken from her home and family. Neglected by a TIP trainer, Saoirse was both ungentled and fearful when she arrived at her new home. Now she is our gentle, affectionate and loyal, herd guardian. Saoirse loves scratches and dust baths, and her loud, sonorous bray helps keep the bears, bobcats, and mountain lions at a safe distance from the rest of the herd during the winter months. Saoirse means "Freedom" in Irish Gaelic.


Wild Burro/Donkey

Still in utero when her mother was rounded up and taken from the Twin Peaks HMA in 2019, Satya was born in captivity in the BLM corrals. Neglected by a TIP trainer, she arrived with several severe injuries from a halter and lead rope having been left on for over two months, and was ungentled, untrusting, and psychologically shut down on her arrival. Satya opened up again with medical care, chiropractic work, and plenty of love. She is sassy, playful, and likes to give kisses and get treats. Her bray is soft and harmonic. Satya means "Truth" in Sanskrit.

The Herd.jpg


Domestic Donkey

Shiloh (SHY-low) was rescued from a situation of severe neglect, isolation, and confinement. He arrived with several health issues, including the "worst case of worms" our vet had ever seen, and cancerous tumors. Highly fearful and defensive on his arrival, Shiloh is now a happy, healthy, and cancer free donkey, due to good medical care, plenty of space to run around, and his bonded companions. He is affectionate and cautious, with a mischievous streak, and a loud, energetic, and excitable bray. Shiloh means "Gift" in Hebrew.



Sponsor Our Sanctuary Residents

When you sponsor one or more of our resident equines, 100% of your contribution goes directly towards the care, medical, and/or general needs of that animal.

The equines(s) that you sponsor will give back to you in ways that enrich your life and lift your spirits through monthly updates, stories, and photos!

“Until one has loved an animal,

a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France 

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